Coliving in Florida

Here’s some information about opportunities for co-living in Florida:


Common Co-Living Lands In Miami
In this emerging format of multifamily development, residents have their own private rooms but share kitchens and other areas; it is related to a dorm or hostel, but with stylish furniture, group yoga classes and rents commensurate with an upscale experience. Common, a New York-based company that operates 20 co-living sites in major cities, is expanding into Miami with two brand-new developments in Little Havana that will open in 2020.

Roam Miami is a tropical oasis amidst a sea of towering, glistening condominiums. Four historic buildings circle a swimming pool and lawn. Inside Roam Miami, the city feels worlds away. Outside the gate, Little Havana awaits with its restaurant and street life.


Gainesville Cohousing
Gainesville Cohousing is a neighborhood concept being built in Gainesville, FL with the goal of creating a cooperative, sustainable, and inter-generational community. Gainesville Cohousing has purchased 4.75 acres in Northwest Gainesville near Thornebrook Village…


Day Star Community
Day Star is an intentional co-housing community in the heart of midtown Tallahassee, just two miles from the state capitol. It was started by four families and has grown to 13 homes with close connections to the wider neighborhood. Each family owns their own home and homesite, with the remaining land owned in common.


Would you live with 7 people for the right price? Try co-living in St. Pete.
Tampa Bay Times — So you’re looking for a place to live in St. Petersburg. Yet your search is starting to feel like an episode of House Hunters. Each apartment doesn’t quite meet your needs. One is too expensive, way over budget, while another has a location much too far from your office…

New co-living concept coming to St. Pete to battle rising rent costs 
ABC Action News

Tired of high rent? ‘Coliving’ concept takes off in St. Pete
10 News — ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Amid high rents and rapid growth throughout the Tampa Bay area, some renters are opting into “coliving” situations to reduce the amount they shell out each month for a roof over their head…

Pinellas Cohousing (New Meetup)

Tampa Bay Cohousing Group (Meetup)
Cohousing is a type of collaborative housing in which residents actively participate in the design and operation of their own neighborhoods.



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