Good Books About Coliving


My House Our HouseMy House Our House: Living Far Better for Far Less in a Cooperative Household
by Karen M. Bush , Louise S. Machinist, et al.
With millions in the Boomer generation aging, single and still active, many are exploring non-traditional living arrangements. My House Our House is the story of three trailblazing women who came together to create a 21st century cooperative household. Alternative living arrangements account for a large and growing percentage of American households, and offer practical, economical solutions for people looking to live together for less and still maintain a high quality of life. CNN and CBS Boston report that Boomer couples are divorcing at double the rate of other age groups, and have less attachment to traditional concepts of family. Told with humor, affection and honesty, this book invites the reader to explore the challenges, practicalities and joys of moving from “my house” to “our house.”
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With a Little Help from Our FriendsWith a Little Help from Our Friends: Creating Community as We Grow Older
by Beth Baker
In this book, an award-winning journalist tells the story of people devising innovative ways to live as they approach retirement, options that ensure they are surrounded by a circle of friends, family, and neighbors.

Based on visits and interviews at many communities around the country, Beth Baker weaves a rich tapestry of grassroots alternatives, some of them surprisingly affordable.

Drawing on new research showing the importance of social support to healthy aging and the risks associated with loneliness and isolation, the author encourages the reader to plan for a future with strong connections. Baker explores whether individuals in declining health can really stay rooted in their communities through the end of life and concludes by examining the challenge of expanding the home-care workforce and the potential of new technologies like webcams and assistive robots.

This book is the recipient of the annual Norman L. and Roselea J. Goldberg Prize for the best project in the area of medicine.
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Sharing HousingSharing Housing: A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates
by Annamarie Pluhar
Finding the right housemate can feel like a gamble and incredibly risky. Annamarie Pluhar’s book, Sharing Housing, reduces the risk by guiding the reader with a practical process, insights and tips. This book takes the reader from the initial idea, “Maybe I should have a housemate” to actually living with one. The author draws on her twenty-plus years of experience in living with “former strangers,” to present a clear process that will enable the reader to find the right housemate.

Within the pages the reader will find: how to eliminate inappropriate people quickly and safely; how to write an ad; how to negotiate the details of living together; and what kind of background checks and references are helpful. The book continues with chapters on actually living together — what to expect and how to manage. It’s an easy-to-follow readable guide with stories and interviews. Worksheets for each step are included. The book contains a special chapter for single parents considering sharing housing.

This book is an essential for anyone looking to have a housemate — from temporary short-term housing to long-term committed intentional communities.
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Your Quest for Home: A Guidebook to Find the Ideal Community for Your Later Years
by Marianne Kilkenny
Helping you define how and with whom you want to live out your later years . . . years filled with companionship and security, infused with a profound sense of home. Chances are, if you are reading about this Guidebook you have entertained the question of living in community. Or at the very least, have wondered what it’s all about. In this guidebook, Marianne Kilkenny has laid out steps for you to take, questions that need answering, and ideas to ponder . . . all to help you define and then create the community you want to live in. Full of exploratory exercises and powerful content, this guidebook is a necessary companion for anyone who is seeking out their happily ever after.

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