March 9 workshop with nationally known expert!

You are invited to join us for “Your Quest for Home with Marianne Kilkenny,” a March 8 coliving/cohousing workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Presenter Marianne Kilkenny is a nationally recognized expert on aging in community and the author of Your Quest For Home, a guidebook for individuals and groups interested in coliving and cohousing options. The workbook will be available at this event, hosted by the Pinellas Coliving Meetup group.

If you want to attend, you must RSVP through the Pinellas Coliving Meetup. Joining Meetup is free; the workshop is $10, payable in cash at the door.

An excellent resource for anyone considering coliving or cohousing, Your Quest For Home guides you through the questions you need to answer for yourself before making a commitment to sharing housing or community.

If you are considering your housing options as you age for yourself, your family, or your parents, please join us for this session. As Marianne says, “We are at a tipping point in this great discussion on aging. Everyone admits that we don’t want to waste away alone in our homes, alone in a community retirement center or just alone. There is a way to age in community with dignity, grace, friendship, support and meaning.

“Women have always been the leaders, nurturers and creators of home. We bring together family and community. Today, more than ever, our role is paramount as we redefine what it means to age and what it means to live. We need new community models. Models that provide companionship and support so that we and our loved ones can grow older with grace, love and joy.

“We have an extraordinary opportunity to lead the way in creating alternative community models that are based on more than just healthcare and insurance and don’t cost an entire life savings. This is not just about “Golden Girls” and it is more than shared housing. This is about being intentional in deciding for ourselves and our loved ones where we live and how we will live as we age. We invite you to join us, learn and make a positive impact through education and awareness as we develop and bring forth this new community model.”

Learn more about Marianne through her website.


Arrive early if you want to get a drink, lunch or a snack; we will start promptly at 1 p.m.

Please GIVE YOUR RECEIPT TO CHERYL so Panera will count your purchase toward the rental rate for the room.

Please bring $10 cash (for the workshop fee) and $25 cash for the workbook.

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