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Co-living is: Adults sharing a home or large apartment or condo.

Because housemates split the cost of the lease or mortgage payment, as well as maintenance, co-living allows housemates to live much better for much less.

When housemates are carefully matched, co-living also offers opportunities for meaningful new life-long friendships and support.

Co-living is not: Assisted living or a private nursing home.

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If you want to be considered for a co-living opportunity in the Tampa Bay area, complete and submit the form below. Your answers will help us find potentially perfect housemates for you.

We will not contact you unless we are able to find at least one match. (Be patient!)

After matches are identified, you will have the option of moving forward by paying a small administrative fee to cover background and credit checks. An additional fee (TBD) will be due to complete the matching process.


  • No worries - we won't call unless we need more information or have a potential match, and we don't share contact info with anyone without your consent.
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    Tell us a little about you so we can help you find the perfect housemates. (This information remains private and never shared online.)
  • We ask this so we won't try to match you with someone with opposite views, if that matters to you. You can check more than one box. For example, if you're a Republican and wouldn't mind living with Democrats, check the box for Republican AND the box for No preference - don't care.
  • You can check more than one box if this issue isn't an issue for you.
  • In many co-living spaces, housemates share one, two or three meals each week, taking turns on meal prep and clean-up for all. If you have dietary restrictions or strong preferences, please check ALL of the appropriate boxes below.
  • (Includes utilities, wi-fi, landscaping, pool care if applicable, weekly housekeeping of kitchen, bathrooms and common areas, and water, sewer and trash service.)
  • Assuming we are able to match you with housemates and a property you approve, when might you be ready to move?
  • Do you need office/studio space in your home?
  • What do you prefer? (Check all that apply)
  • If you have other allergies that affect people around you, or people you can live with, please tell us more.
  • Co-living is NOT assisted living, and our co-living space will not be designed for assisted living. However, some residents may want or need the following types of accommodations. Please check all that you would NEED.
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